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QloApps is a free hotel reservation and management software that eases the online booking process for guests and management of daily hotel operations for the hoteliers. It provides you with a free property management system, a booking engine, and an attractive and user-friendly booking website.
QloApps offers various technology solutions for the hospitality industry. It comes with 100+ Add-ons through which you can enhance the features and functionality of QloApps.
It also provides a Marketplace solution that converts booking websites into a Marketplace for hoteliers.
Apart from this, QloApps provides a channel manager to automate your rooms' inventory management and updation process. It efficiently syncs and updates the inventory of your rooms after you receive bookings from your hotel website or from other websites where your hotel is listed.
The list does not end here, it also provides a cloud-based PMS service called QloSaaS. QloSaaS is a convenient and cloud-hosted solution that can launch your hotel website and manage your booking engine and property management system efficiently.

  • Space Required : 96.73 MB
  • Release Date : 17-04-2023
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    • Multiple hotel and property management
      With QloApps, you can add and manage multiple properties from a single platform.

    • Multiple Languages and Currencies support
      QloApps is a multilingual and multicurrency platform. guests from different countries can view the prices of the rooms and compare them in their local currency. Guests can make payments online and receive refunds in their local currency.

    • Dynamic Dashboard and Insights
      It comes with an inbuilt interactive and insightful dashboard that displays the data of various parameters through charts and graphs. It helps to analyze the performance of the hotel.

    • Instant Email notifications
      You can send and receive instant email notifications about the necessary alerts such as booking confirmations, cancellations, etc.

    • Easy Booking and refund process
      QloApps provides your guests with a seamless booking and refund process. Through QloApps you can provide your guests with a comfortable and reliable booking and cancellation experience.

    • On-desk booking of walk-in customers
      You can easily take and manage the bookings of your walk-in customers through the on-desk booking feature of QloApps.

    • Multiple secure Payment gateways
      QloApps offers completely safe and secure transactions. Therefore, it supports a majority of the payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, CCAvenue, Paytm, and many more.
      To give guests more flexibility and access to secure payments, we provide PayPal as a free payment gateway with QloApps to accept online payments.

    • Easy Tax management
      Manage all your taxes and invoices in one place using QloApps.

    • Staff management
      Eliminate the extra workload and manage your employees efficiently using the staff management feature of QloApps. With QloApps, you can create multiple profiles for your employees & give them a specific set of access to the software based on their roles (Receptionist, Manager, Sales, Operations, etc.). It will definitely ease your hotel management process manifold.

    • Quick Reports generation
      Take predictive decisions based on real-time statistics of guests' actions, website impressions, bookings, etc. QloApps provides comprehensive reports about various operational capabilities such as Occupancy, Availability, Sales and revenue, Operations Today, etc.

    • Rates and inventory management
      With QloApps, you can sync and manage your inventory and rates of your hotel rooms in real-time.

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