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MyT (Manage Your Team) is an extremely powerful project management tool, and it's easy to use for both administrators and end-users with a really intuitive structure. It's a free open source task management and project management system, based on Yii Framework, easy to use and with a great perspective of growth for the future. You can create one or more Projects and manage several types of Tasks for each one. You can also create and manage Timesheet hours. Myt can send email notifications based on some events, such as Task assignments and Project associations. All features are configurable from the Administration Panel.

  • Space Required : 30.92 MB
  • Release Date : 21-08-2016
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  • Project Management
    Awesome project management feature. Project hierarchy support, project assignment notification and much more.

    Task Management
    All your project tasks under control. Easy monitoring of all your task by advanced filtering and mail notification.

    Cloud Storage
    Innovative attachment storage. Built-in cloud storage support for attachment ( Mega ) or directly on your host.

    TimeCard Management
    Time Card based charge like no others. Keep track of all effort spent by your resources by managing it via intuitive time card based area, you can also export it and make simple reports.

    Customizable settings
    Customize MyT as you like. No need to change files for change MyT settings, you can do all via application.

    Multiple Users
    Role based permission and groups. Predefined and fully customizable roles, to fit all your needs.

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  • screenshot-Manage Your Team
    screenshot-Manage Your Team
    screenshot-Manage Your Team
    screenshot-Manage Your Team
    screenshot-Manage Your Team
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