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Grav is a Fast, Simple, and Flexible file-based Web-platform. Although Grav follows principles similar to other flat-file CMS platforms, it has a different design philosophy than most. The underlying architecture of Grav is built using well established and best-in-class technologies.

  • Space Required : 42.28 MB
  • Release Date : 15-05-2024
  • Get Support : Visit Support Site
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    • Fast : Performance is not just an afterthought, we baked it in from the start
    • Extensible : Grav has a powerful API and sophisticated Package Manager to make it super flexible
    • Enjoyable Content Creation : Use your favorite Markdown editor to create your content online or offline
    • Stellar Performance : Grav intelligently caches content to deliver great performance, regardless of hosting
    • Powerful Content Filtering : Create unlimited taxonomies such as tags, categories, and authors to filter and manage your content
    • Dynamic Content Types : The flat-file nature of Grav lets you define custom fields for any of your pages, including modular content
    • Simple Backups and Restores : Being file based means backing up and restoring your data is super easy, and changing hosts/servers is a breeze
    • Image Media Processing : Dynamic image manipulation to resize, crop, resample, and effects all with automatic caching of images
    • Easy Theme Customization : No need to start from scratch, use Theme Inheritance and then modify the bits you need, allowing for easier update
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try this for flat file cms

⚊ a Guest - faizen(March 9, 2019, 4:03 pm)
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