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Zenario is a web-based content management system that can be used for simple or complex websites. It can accommodate any visual template design, has tools for managing users, location, GIS and organisational information. It is open source, well-supported, and modular. A website owner can fit together modular components to create an interface that is well-tailored to his needs. It's designed to grow with your site, adding extranet, online database and custom functionality when you need it.

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  • Release Date : 21-05-2024
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    • Easy Website Editing : Zenario lets you edit pages using a familiar WYSIWYG editor. Pages can be edited in-line in the visitor-facing part of the site, or via Zenario's Organizer administration area.
    • Structured Navigation : A Zenario website can have structured, hierarchical organization. When you add a node in the navigation hierarchy, it automatically appears in the visitor view of the website.
    • Design and Layouts : The in-built Gridmaker tool lets you develop a layout based on a familiar grid. That can be 4, 6, 10, 12, 16 columns... or any number you like. Gridmaker lets you define slots on your grid.
    • Users and Contacts : Zenario is a fully-fledged extranet system, offering secure access to authorised users. It can be set up in numerous ways; for example with self-registration, or with users being created solely by site administrators.
    • Location and GIS Data : Zenario has many tools for handling location-related data. With the Location Manager module you can model real-world locations, such as offices, retailer locations, or arbitrary points on the globe. Built-in Google Maps lets you define each one for mapping purposes.
    • Organisation Modelling : Combining user and location data, Organization Manager lets you create models of people who play roles in organisations.
    • Connecting with the Outside : It's easy to add Google Analytics; a simple copy and paste lets you put your Google code snippet into the head of every page of the site.
    • Datasets for extending existing data : Datasets is a powerful feature, allowing you to extend an existing data model, or create entirely new ones.
    • Modular Architecture : All functionality is derived from modules. Some modules create "managers" that create new database tables and add functionality in the Organizer admin system or the admin toolbar; while others create "plugins" that are appear in slots on the visitor-facing pages.
    • Scheduled Processing : Where functionality requires "cron" like nightly batch jobs (or at whatever time you like!), Zenario takes care of it. Its Scheduled Task Manager has the capability of calling a module's code at whatever time is required.
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