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What is Softaculous Enterprise?

Softaculous Enterprise installs apps over NFS. Softaculous Enterprise is best suited if you have developed your inhouse control panel and your servers are connected via NFS(Network File System) or any other file system. You can integrate Softaculous Enterprise into your custom control panel and use Softaculous GUI or you can customize Softaculous Enterprise using our flexible API.

Integrate Softaculous Enterprise to offer your users the power of auto installing 380 apps.

Why Softaculous Enterprise?

Easy to use API & SDK

Well documented and easy to use API and SDK for your convenience

Daily Updates

Get the updated version of apps within a day

ONE Click Install

Install apps within seconds with just ONE CLICK

Backups and Restore

Configure backups which can be restored if anything goes wrong


Check the demos of scripts to experience the app before installing

Clone installations

Clone your website to test any changes before you make it to your live site


Most of the apps can be installed if your native language

24X7 Support

Need support ? We are there to help you

WordPress Themes

Check the Ratings and Reviews of scripts to get an idea of what other users feel

Saves Time

Saves time of users as well as web hosting provider

Hassle Free

Hosting provider does not need to manage script packages

Save Costs

Get a better solution at cheaper rate

Ratings and Reviews

Check the Ratings and Reviews of scripts to get an idea of what other users feel

380 Apps

Wide range of apps to choose from

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How to integrate Softaculous Enterprise?

1. Install Softaculous Enterprise. Guide

2. Write a PHP Class to allow Softaculous Enterprise to communicate with your custom control panel. Guide

3. Integrate your control panel login functionality into Softaculous Enterprise. Guide

4. That's it !

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Some Video Tutorials

How to install WordPress using Softaculous Remote
How to upgrade WordPress using Softaculous Remote