380 Apps

Wide range of apps that caters all needs. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop & more

WordPress Manager

Manage Plugins, Themes, Upgrades, Backups, Clone, Staging and much more from the WordPress Manager

Daily Updates

Our scripts team checks for updates daily and releases the app updates within a day of release by the vendor

Auto Updates

Auto Updates can be enabled to update installations as soon as the new version is released

Auto Backups

Users can configure to backup installations at regular intervals daily, weekly, monthly or even at custom time

Backups on External Locations

Bakups can be done on Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP/FTPS/SFTP locations

Clone Installations

Clone an installation in just a click to create a new site from an existing installation

Staging Instance

Quickly spin up a staging instance to test upgrades or to test any changes before doing it on the live site.

Push to Live

Changes made to the staging instance can be pushed to the live site. Choose to push files/database or both

Bulk Discover Installations

Import installations done manually or via other auto installer with just one click from admin/enduser panel

Import installation from Remote Server

Just fill in the login details of source server and your installation will be imported with files and database

Control Panel Integration

Strong integration with popular control panels Webuzo, cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk, Interworx, ISPmanager and more

Custom / Proprietary Panels

Softaculous can be integrated with any custom control panel. Contact us for assistance with integration


Re-brand Softaculous with your custom logo, brand name or even a custom CSS to blend with your brand

WordPress Features

Auto Install WordPress

Use the API/modules to auto install WordPress on user's domain when their control panel account is created. This is useful for WordPress Hosting

Plugins and Themes Sets

Admin and Users can create sets with chosen WordPress Plugins & Themes and choose to install the set while installing WordPress via Softaculous

Customized WordPress

Offer a customized version of WordPress with plugins and themes of your choice installed and activated upon installation

Auto Upgrade WordPress Core

Choose to auto upgrade WordPress core to Minor versions or Major versions and the installtions will be upgraded as soon as the new version is released

Auto Upgrade Plugins and Themes

Choose to Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins and Themes on daily basis

Multilingual WordPress

WordPress can be installed in over 35+ languages like English, French German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and more

Best Choice for Managed WordPress

For Managed WordPress providers Softaculous is the best choice where your team can install, update, backup, clone WordPress installations faster thus saving time to cater more customers

More Features

One Click Functionality

All tasks are performed by just one click. Install, Upgrade, Backup, Restore, Clone, Staging, and more

Enable / Disable Apps

Choose which apps you would like to offer to your users. Apps can enabled/disabled by admin


Hooks/Filters can be used to customize every feature in Softaculous to suit your needs


Softaculous is available in 15+ language and the users can install apps in their native language

Mass Upgrade Installations

Admin can view the list of all outdated installations on the server and can mass upgrade them with a click

Access Control

Admins/Resellers can control which features and/or apps should be available to their respective users

API Support

All features available in Softaculous can be performed via API to automate tasks from a centralized panel

Auto Install

Auto Install apps when a user purchases hosting package and their control panel account is created

WHMCS/Blesta Modules

Modules are available to automate apps installations from WHMCS, Blesta or any custom billing panel

Application Preview

Demos and Screenshots are available for the apps so that the user can preview the app before installing it

Ratings and Reviews

Check Ratings and Reviews submitted by fellow users to choose the app that fits your needs

Easy to Use UI

With our Simple and Easy to Use Interface, users can browse through Softaculous like a breeze

Email Templates

Customize the Email sent to your users for installation, upgrade, backup, etc. HTML emails supported

Extensive Documentation

Softaculous provides an extensive documentation of the workflow along with the application preview images and detailed explanation

24/7 Support

Dedicated support team is available to provide the best customer satisfaction and fast resolution of issues

New Features

New Innovative Features are added regularly to improve functionality and user experience

View Installations

Users and admin can view the list of all installations and installations that require update separately

Edit Installation

Edit existing installations to change details of the installation or enable/disable auto upgrades/backups

Remove Installation

Installations can be removed/uninstalled with just one click. Choose to delete files and database or not

Safe and Secure

Softaculous is regularly audited by 3rd party auditors and the security patches are released immediately after the issue is discovered

Task list

Track the progress of a running Softaculous task from the Task list page

Best Price

Softaulous is priced very competitively and the benefits you will gain in return will be much more than you pay

Efficient and Light

Softaulous is well written and follows best coding practices so that it comsumes minimal resources


Softaculous does not modify any files or folders on your server which could break any other functionality

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