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wallabag is a read-it later application. You can use it to save a link (including all content : text, images, videos). Moreover, you can manage all your saved link performing actions like tag, favorite, archive and for sure deletion!

  • Space Required : 149.25 MB
  • Release Date : 03-04-2024
  • Get Support : Visit Support Site
  • Reviews : 2
    • wallabag is free and open source. Forever.
    • No time to read? Save a link in your wallabag to read it later
    • Read the saved articles in a comfortable view: the content, only the content
    • You save all the content: text and pictures
    • You can easily migrate from others private services.
    • You like an article? Share it by email, on twitter or in your shaarli
    • Because we are increasingly mobile, wallabag fits all your devices
    • Saving a link is so easy because we provide you many tools: extensions for Chrome and Firefox, iOS, Android and Windows Phone application, a bookmarklet, a simple field in your config webpage.
    • You can set tags to your entries.
    • wallabag is multilingual: french, english, spanish, german, italian, russian, persian, czech, polish, ukrainian and slovienian.
    • Youíre not the only one at home to use wallabag? itís good, wallabag is multi users
    • You prefer a dark template? Perfect, many templates are available in the configuration screen
    • Many storage allowed: sqlite, mysql and postgresql
    • Scroll position is saved: when you return on an article, you come back where you was. So convenient!
    • You can flattr flattrable articles directly from your wallabag
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Wallabag is really good even if it is simple. It has replaced both Evernote and Pocket for me. In addition, installing it in my webhotel means that it is also more private than the online services. Please keep on improving this product. highly recommended.

⚊ a Guest - babakpvc(November 2, 2020, 9:59 am)

Wallabag makes saving interesting websites very easy and comfortable. You are the lord of your data because you install it easily on your own server. Apps to read your articles in a convenient way are available for almost every system. It runs more fluent than Pocket and you do not share your data with someone. Big thumbs up!

⚊ a Guest - Pete(October 14, 2015, 1:01 pm)
  • screenshot-wallabag
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