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ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. ProjectPier will help your organization communicate, collaborate and get things done Its function is similar to commercial groupware/project management products, but allows the freedom and scalability of self-hosting

  • Space Required : 8.13 MB
  • Release Date : 12-01-2015
  • Get Support : Visit Support Site
  • Reviews : 2
    • Web-Powered: PP is completely web based
    • Easy: PP is focused on simple concepts and usability to provide an easy to use solution
    • Organized: PP organizes your projects into Milestones, Messages, Tasklists, Tasks and Files.
    • Everywhere: E-mail notifications for new milestones, tasks, messages and comments mean that your users can stay in the loop without checking the site.
    • Free and Open: ProjectPier is open source and Free Software, and will always be free as in speech and as in beer (Honest Public Licence, modified GPL)
    • No Restrictions: PP allows an unlimited number of Projects, Clients, Users, and every other object. ProjectPier wants to help you get things done, not get in the way.
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This is a great project collaboration script.

⚊ a Guest - tackleth(June 16, 2013, 10:49 pm)
Simple, effective project management

We've been using dotprojekt and recently, Web2Project for ages now and the refreshing thing about DP is its simplicity. No clutter, no confusion, no interface-intimidation, just a solid, robust project management system to help improve your efficiency and productivity.

⚊ a Guest - SciFi Systems(July 4, 2010, 8:08 am)
Almost as good as Basecamp

I've been a user of the excellent Basecamp project management software from 37signals for quite a while, but with my client projects starting to slow down, it was getting harder to justify the fees. After a whole lot of research, I stumbled upon ProjectPier after trying dotProject and Collabtive and found PP came very close to duplicating the Basecamp experience. Great for freelancers and small workgroups, I highly recommend it.

⚊ a Guest - Gary Horsman(September 30, 2009, 3:23 am)
  • screenshot-ProjectPier
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