Version : 5.5.7
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UserSpice is a PHP User Management Framework. It is designed from the ground up to be the perfect starting point for any web development project that requires users to login.

  Space Required : 4.54 MB

  Release Date : 27-02-2023

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  • Completely Streamlined (60% smaller than 4.0)
  • Better Bootstrap Integration
  • Cleaner UI
  • More Descriptive Error Messages
  • Better Path Handling
  • Login with Username or Password
  • WYSIWYG Profile Editor
  • More Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • New System for Modifying UserSpice Core
  • New Timezone Features
  • Many Security, Bug, and Usability Fixes

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by a Guest - Matt - April 6, 2020, 11:10 am
When I started learning PHP 18 months ago for a work project, needing to start off making robust login system was very intimidating (even just trying to follow tutorials). US got me past that stage so I could learn while developing the primary aspects my actual system. For more experienced developers, you can start a new project with a familiar database class and login system in minutes so you can hit the ground running. With plugin support and a great Discord channel, US should be considered.