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PivotX is free software to help you maintain dynamic sites such as weblogs, online journals and other frequently updated websites in general. It's written in PHP and uses MySQL or flat files as a database. PivotX is also a great tool to maintain more complex websites as well. Its powerful core and flexible template system make it easy for developers to adjust and extend. Whether you want an easy-to-use, robust blogging tool or are looking to push things to the max - PivotX offers the best of both worlds.

  Space Required : 7.47 MB

  Release Date : 21-06-2015

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  Reviews : 2


  • Entries and Pages
  • Easy Blogging
  • Images and Files
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Template engine
  • Multiple weblogs
  • Multiple authors
  • Flat files or MySQL database
  • No rebuilding
  • Commenting & moderation
  • Spam protection

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by a Guest - momentso - June 7, 2012, 3:47 pm
Great templates, but there is no spell checking on the blog entry. I would think that such a quality program would have spell checking. Because of this I can't use it.
by a Guest - shanedea - April 20, 2016, 12:45 am
I just love Pivotx, Lots of Templates and easy to make your own if so inclined. I just love Pivotx and for me it was easy to learn and to use much simpler than many others