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phpLiteAdmin is a web-based SQLite database admin tool written in PHP with support for SQLite2 and SQLite3.

  • Space Required : 0.25 MB
  • Release Date : 05-09-2019
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    • Lightweight - consists of a single 150KB source file for portability
    • Supports SQLite3 with backwards-compatibility for SQLite2
    • Create and delete databases
    • Add, delete, rename, empty, and drop tables
    • Browse, add, edit, and delete records
    • Add, delete, and edit table columns
    • Manage table indexes
    • Manage table triggers
    • Import and export tables, structure, indexes, and data
    • View data as bar, pie, and line charts
    • Graphical search tool to find records based on specified field values
    • Create and run your own custom SQL queries in the free-form query editor/builder
    • Easily apply core SQLite functions to column values using the GUI
    • Write your own PHP functions to be available to apply to column values
    • Secure password-protected interface with login screen and cookies
    • Specify and manage an unlimited number of databases
    • Specify a directory and optionally its subdirectories to scan for databases
    • Allows multiple installations on the same server, each with a different password
    • Design your own theme using CSS or install a pre-made theme from the community
    • All presented in an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI that allows non-technical, SQL-illiterate users to fully manage databases
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