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WBCE CMS is a content management system which aims to combine security, a user friedly interface, search engine optimization and performance in the best way. It is shipped with useful modules for "usual" pages, news/blog like pages, contact forms and includes useful admin tools. A broad variety of modules for galleries, interaction and structured content etc.

  • Space Required : 27.09 MB
  • Release Date : 02-02-2024
  • Get Support : Visit Support Site
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    • intuitive user interface
    • backend available in several languages (English, Dutch, German, French,...)
    • extremely simple template creation
    • gentle learning curve for users, designers and module developers
    • moderate system requirements
    • high performance
    • search engine friendly
    • readiness for responsive design and accessible web sites
    • great flexibility in terms of presentation and content types
    • sophisticated user and access management
    • active, transparent and democratic development
    • friendly and helpful community (after a successful start in German, we now aim to enlarge the international community)
    • stress-free license terms (WBCE is and stays free of charge, the source code is not encrypted and can be downloaded at GitHub, licensed under GPL)
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  • screenshot-WBCE CMS
    screenshot-WBCE CMS
    screenshot-WBCE CMS
    screenshot-WBCE CMS
    screenshot-WBCE CMS
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