Installing Softaculous in VestaCP

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The following guide will show you how to install Softaculous on Vesta Control Panel.


  • A server with Vesta Control Panel
  • If you have a firewall, then please allow access to download all packages from *

Note : Please allow access to the following domains to your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages.

  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :


Please make sure ionCube is loaded in the VestaCP's PHP binary :

/usr/local/vesta/php/bin/php -m | grep ioncube

In order to load ionCube you can execute the following command :

sh /usr/local/vesta/ioncube/ 

Installing Softaculous Using CLI

Note: Before starting the installation make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. You may refer to the following guide Enable_Ioncube_cPanel. Please make sure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the back-end copy of PHP.

/usr/bin/sudo /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-add-vesta-softaculous

Installing Softaculous Using GUI

1) Login to your Vesta Control Panel as admin from your browser.
2) After login, click on the Server tab in the top menu.

InstallVestacp 1.png
3) From the list of servers that appear, hover over the name of the server where you want to install Softaculous. Two options will appear. Click on the Configure option.

InstallVestacp 2.png
4) From the options that appear, expand Vesta Control Panel Plugins tab. There will appear an option for Softaculous. Select yes from the dropdown and click on Save.

InstallVestacp 3.png
5) Softaculous will be installed on your server.

Thats it the installation of Softaculous is completed!

Access Softaculous in Vesta CP

Login to your Vesta control panel. You will find the APPS tab in the top menu. InstallVestacp 4.png
Clicking on this will redirect you to Softaculous Page which is as follows: InstallVestacp 5.png

suPHP Settings

If you have suEXEC or suPHP enabled on your server, please read the suPHP Settings page for configuring Softaculous.