Installing Softaculous in ISPmanager

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The following guide will show you how to install Softaculous on ISPmanger.


  • A server with ISPmanager installed.
  • If you have a firewall, then please allow access to all packages from *

Note : Please allow access to the following domains to your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages.

  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :
  • (IP :

Installing Softaculous in ISPmanager

If you are using ISPmanager 5.33+ then Softaculous should be enabled by default on your server. In case it is not installed you can follow the guide below.

Note: Before starting the installation make sure ionCube extension is installed and SSL support is enabled for the domain. You can refer to the notes below on how to enable the same. Notes

1) Login to your ISPmanager control panel as root.
2) Go to the "Integration"=>"Modules" section of the panel’s left side menu. Softaculous is already available as one of the options to be installed on the server. Click "Install".

ISPmanager Step1.jpg

3) Wait for Softaculous to be installed on your server. This will only take a moment.

ISPmanager Step2.jpg

4) Once installation starts, a message will be displayed asking you to confirm that Softaculous should be configured on the server. Click “Ok” and wait for the installation to finish.

ISPmanager Step3.jpg

5) Softaculous is now installed on your server and ready for use! You can access it from the “External applications” =>"Softaculous" section of the panel’s left side menu.

ISPmanager Step4.png

That's it the installation of Softaculous is completed !


In order for Softaculous to work correctly, you need to ensure the following:
1) SSL support is enabled for the domain:
Go to "WWW-domains"=>"Edit"=>"Secure connection (SSL)" section of the panel’s left side menu and make sure you tick the box.

ISPmanager Note1.jpg

ISPmanager Note1.2.jpg

2) Ioncube extension is installed:
Go to "PHP"=>"Extensions"=>"Install" section of the panel’s left side menu.

ISPmanager Note2.1.jpg

ISPmanager Notes2.2.jpg