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This page will guide you how to use the Softaculous Admin HTTP API

Available Output

The default output will be a serialized PHP array. JSON and XML are also available. You can specify the method in the URL query. e.g. to get in JSON


List of Installations

To get a list of the installations made by users



The following arguments can be passed via GET or POST

  • users - Semi Colon seperated list of users. If empty all users will be assumed.
  • scripts - Semi Colon seperated list of SCRIPTS. If empty all scripts will be assumed.
  • only_outdated - Boolean value must be given IF only outdated installs are to be listed. Default is OFF
  • group_by_scripts - Default results are grouped by users. If a boolean value is given then it will group by scripts


The following is an example for cPanel

whmquery('KEY', 'https://IP:2087/cgi/softaculous/index.php?api=serialize&act=installations&listinstallations=1');

NOTE : whmquery is a function defined in /path/to/softaculous/api/api.php